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Most of all iPod repairs are due to mechanical damage, among all types of repairs associated with a fall of the player, iPod screen replacement is the leader (all iPod models, except for shuffle, are equipped with screens from 2 “to 3.5”). Moisture in iPod is also a common cause of player failure.


iPod photo, iPod video, and iPod classic have hard drives, which means there are many moving parts hidden inside. Hard drives are prone to crash due to falls, usually only replacing the iPod hard drive helps.


If you use your iPod roughly or otherwise, it may be necessary to replace the iPod case. It is almost impossible to do it on your own, even with a new case on hand. Better to entrust the assembly and disassembly of your iPod to professionals.


Our specialists have extensive experience in repairing all types of iPod:


Replacing the software, or flashing the iPod is necessary if your player starts to freeze frequently, reboot spontaneously, or “glitch”. Attention! Do not try to flash your iPod yourself. In some cases, this may make it impossible to restore the device.

Common Breakdowns We Fix

Not turning on

Water damage

Cracked screen

No WiFi

Fast battery drainage

Black screen

What We Do

Glass replacement
LCD Screen replacement
Battery replacement
Charging port repair
Front camera repair
Rear camera repair
WiFi Headphone jack repair
Microphone repair
Speaker repair
Water damage repair
Volume button repair

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iPod Screen Repair

Replacing the display iPod is one of the most demanded types of work in specialized service centers. No wonder: the iPod Touch and other products of this family are mobile devices designed for constant wear, so users constantly subject them to mechanical damage, throwing them into their pocket with coins and keys, putting them on the bottom of the bag and filling them with weights on top, accidentally sitting on the gadget, etc. .. At the same time, the electronics of the iPod demonstrates excellent vitality, but the screen often does not stand up and becomes unusable.

By contacting the Arizona iPad repair service center, you will receive qualified advice, device diagnostics and a quick replacement of the broken screen with a new one.

You can avoid screen repair on your iPod. To do this, it is recommended to use a protective film against scratches and put your device in a special case that will soften shocks or pressure and protect the device from dust and moisture.

Our service center  Arizona iPad repair repairs any Apple equipment. We will professionally replace any glass model: iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod classic, iPod video, iPod photo or iPod touch, using high-quality spare parts and providing a warranty for our services.

The  Arizona iPad repair service center provides a high level of service, original components, professional approach, guaranteed quality and amazing efficiency.


iPod Hard Drive Replacement

The manufacturer began to equip the latest generations of iPod players with a full-fledged hard disk instead of the flash memory installed in previous models. Naturally, such a move made it possible to significantly increase the disk space and thus provide more freedom for the user. On the other hand, the hard drive of the iPod classic and other models of Apple players proved to be quite vulnerable to shocks, drops and external pressure, so the service of repairing and replacing the hard drive of an iPod is now quite common in service centers. If a similar trouble happened to your player, we recommend that you contact the  Arizona iPad repair service center, whose specialists have extensive experience in replacing hard drives from iPods of different generations.

If your iPod’s hard drive breaks down, you will most likely have to say goodbye to the information recorded on it: repair of such hard drives is possible, but its cost is higher than the price of a new device. To prevent the loss of valuable information, we recommend that you periodically synchronize your device with your computer to save the most important information.


iPod Case Repalacement

Replacing the iPod case is usually required due to mechanical failure. Since the iPod is a mobile device, even with the most careful use of it, it is difficult to avoid scratches or even cracks on the case.

In addition to the aesthetic factor, replacing the case with an iPod is absolutely justified from a practical point of view: the cracks that have arisen worsen the tightness of the case and open the access of dust, dirt and moisture to the printed circuit board. The result of ignoring a destroyed case is usually contact oxidation or short circuits, rendering the device completely unusable.

Replacement of the case on iPod of any model In the specialized  Arizona iPad repair center, you can quickly and efficiently replace the case on your iPod, regardless of the model.

The case is one of the most destructible components of an iPod. It may seem to an inexperienced user that it is easy to buy and replace the case yourself. In fact, this is not the case at all.

Models such as iPod nano and iPod mini have a number of not only external but also design differences. Even if you manage to get an original case, it will be very difficult to disassemble the iPod without instructions and special tools and not always of high quality.

For specialists from  Arizona iPad repair, replacing the case with an iPod is a familiar, well-established procedure. We are well aware of all the intricacies of the iPod device and have a wide arsenal of proprietary tools. Our professionals are ready to replace the case on any iPod model in just half an hour: iPod classic, iPod photo, iPod video, and more.


iPod Battery Replacement

No matter how high-quality components Apple supplies its iPods, they are not immune from mechanical breakdown, gradual oxidation and, finally, natural wear and tear. The most problematic part in terms of developing a resource remains the battery: despite the initially solid capacity, it gradually decreases it, limiting the operating time of the device.

If your player begins to discharge much faster for no apparent reason, most likely the battery replacement procedure is inevitable. Replacing the iPod battery yourself is problematic. It will be much safer and more effective to contact the specialists of the ModMac service center.


Difficulties of Replacing the Battery on the iPod?

Apple has always been quite jealous of user self-intervention in the design of its products. Therefore, replacing the battery with an ipod by its owner is simply not provided.

Moreover, an attempt to change the battery with your own hands is fraught with the complete failure of your iPod. The manufacturer purposefully complicates this task from model to model. So, in iPod photo and iPod video the battery was glued to the back cover of the device, and in the version of iPod touch the battery is tightly soldered to the logic rboard, representing a single complex with it. Thus, you need to pinpoint the reason, find the disassembly instructions for your particular model (for example, iPod shuffle is absolutely different from iPod nano, and they are also disassembled in different ways), find a bunch of tools (hot air gun, special spatulas, etc.) and buy a quality battery to replace the old one. But even after that, you have no guarantees of a successful outcome – you can destroy the iPod even during disassembly, accidentally breaking the cable or scratching the printed circuit board.

Want a quick and successful ipod battery replacement? – Just bring it to Arizona iPad Repar Service Center.

Our service center is highly specialized: we know the smallest details of all Apple gadgets. Our certified technicians will handle the most demanding repairs for any iPod model: iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod photo, iPod video, iPod mini, iPod shuffle. The equipment and all components we use have certificates of conformity.

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