Apple MacBook Repair

Apple Macbook laptops are highly reliable, which allows its owners to rarely contact service centers. But sometimes you can’t do without repairing MacBooks. Mechanical damage, overheating and even moisture ingress can cause breakdown of this premium technology. And it is worth entrusting the work to experienced specialists of the Arizona iPad Repair service, who will repair the MacBook in Arizona not only efficiently and quickly, but also at a reasonable price.

We provide services for all series of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Macbook Retina.

Common Breakdowns We Fix

Not turning on

Water damage

Cracked screen

No WiFi

Fast battery drainage

Black screen

The main stages of MacBook repair are:



After receiving the laptop, we immediately proceed to diagnostics in order to quickly identify the cause of the device breakdown.


Based on the data obtained during the diagnostics, a complete list of works, spare parts and components that will be required to restore the device’s performance is compiled.


The cost of repairs is agreed with the client. If the customer is satisfied with everything, then we proceed to the repair work.


Immediately after the completion of the repair, the laptop is tested in several operating modes. This is done in order to make sure it works.


We provide our clients with a guarantee for all types of repair work for a period of three months.



Our service specialists will promptly perform the following work:

Screen Replacement

Memory Upgrade

Glass Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement

  • replacing the matrix, burned out lamps and backlight batteries;
  • repair or replacement of components, including screen, keyboards, hard drive and video card;
  • replacement of defective connectors;
  • modernization of the technical part, memory upgrade;
  • installation and configuration of software;
  • recovery of information lost during work or due to breakdown.

The cost of repairing an Apple MacBook depends on the model, type of damage, prices for components and spare parts. The parts installed by our craftsmen are guaranteed. And customers can be sure of the complete safety of confidential information stored on the MacBook.


MacBook Screen Repair

Displays on Apple laptops often fail due to rough handling: falls on a hard surface and into water, shaking and liquid ingress. Display problems can be associated with a malfunction of the elements that are responsible for displaying the image.

High-quality repair of the MacBook screen is possible only with the use of special equipment and tools. And most importantly – with the experience of the technician performing high-precision work. Contacting Arizona iPad Repair, instead of self-repair and contacting non-professionals, allows you to count on a complete restoration of the display and reduce the risk of even more serious breakdown.

Repair of a Water-Damaged MacBook

Liquid trapped inside the housing is one of the most common reasons to repair a MacBook. Water, juice, tea and even alcohol can get on the equipment. Liquid penetrating often causes serious damage to laptop components. Therefore, faced with such a situation, you do not need to dry the MacBook with a hairdryer or disassemble it yourself. The first thing the user should do is to disconnect the mobile computer from the power supply and bring it to specialists.

Having delivered the damaged MacBook to the Arizona iPad Repair service on time, you can expect that the situation will be corrected with a regular cleaning. If this is not done, the result is often complete failure of the computer. After that, it will be possible to restore only by replacing the damaged microcircuits and even the logic board, and the cost of repairing a water-damaged MacBook increases significantly.

Replacing the MacBook housing

Housing and its elements are most susceptible to mechanical stress. It can be damaged by falling onto asphalt or tiles, hitting furniture, and a heavy object placed on top. It is possible to use equipment with housing defects, but it is inconvenient and even dangerous. Therefore, if you find dents, cracks or broken hinges, you should immediately contact our MacBook repair service.

Depending on the damage, repairing or replacing the MacBook housing will help get rid of them. Compound compounds can be used for restoration – but they return only strength, not appearance. When replacing the housing, the refurbished laptop is almost indistinguishable from the new one.


MacBook Cleaning

During the operation of the laptop, dust and small debris get inside the case. Because of this, the keys on the keyboard may stop working, the processor and other components overheat, and the operation of the computer slows down. To solve the problem, you need to have your MacBook cleaned. The reasons for contacting our service for its Macbook cleaning may be:

  • overheating and noise during operation;
  • hot air coming out of the vents;
  • slowdown of programs and spontaneous shutdown.

The frequency of cleaning the MacBook, the price of which depends on the model of the device – once a year. When working in rooms with high dustiness of the air and pets – twice as often. Simultaneously with cleaning, it is worth checking the condition of the thermal paste and, if necessary, replacing it.

The advantages of our service center include:

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