Apple Watch Series 1 Repair

A smart watch from Apple is a gadget with high functionality. They can be used to control navigation, iPhone and many other applications. At the same time, this is a device with a complex OS that also glitches and breaks.

Service Price
Screen repair/ Glass replacement $80
Display repair $80
3D Touch repair Call for price
Battery replacement $50
Water damage repair $40* Call for details
Diagnostics $40

Apple Watch Series 1 Weak Points

To protect the device, a sapphire crystal was installed, which is maximally resistant to scratches. But, unfortunately, glass will not protect against drops or impacts on a hard surface. Most likely, just like on all modern Apple technology, a display module is installed here (a single assembly of touch glass, Retina display and mounting frame). The repair promises to be difficult, painstaking, and, importantly, must be done as professionally as possible.

Apple Watch Series 1 Glass Replacement

The glass on Apple Watch Series 1 can accidentally break and render the device unusable. It will take several tens of minutes to repair this malfunction, and you will receive your device back again.

Apple Watch Series 1 Battery Replacement

As in any other electronic device, the battery in Apple Watch Series 1 quickly depletes its capacity and it will not be very convenient to charge the watch several times a day. In our service center, you can always replace the battery in the shortest possible time and have no doubts about the quality of the installation and the part itself.

Why choose Arizona iPad Repair?

  • we have extensive knowledge thanks to which we undertake repairs that other services refuse;
  • we have the necessary equipment to replace the glass separately from the screen and at the same time keep the original matrix;
  • We are already trusted by thousands of customers, as evidenced by numerous reviews.
  • we provide 1 year guarantee
  • We love Apple technology and are ready to help with any problem. See for yourself.