Professional Apple Watch Series 2 Repair in Arizona

Apple Watch 2 is a high-tech gadget from the famous company from Cupertino, which has an original design and a lot of useful functions – a convenient oval-shaped display, a built-in camera for making video calls, and a wireless charging system. If we compare this device with the previous model of this line of Apple devices, we can note a significant increase in the number of functions performed and the level of autonomy of smart watches. The gadget supports GPS navigation function. It is reliably protected from moisture penetration into its inner part, which adds to its special practicality.

The main reasons for contacting us about Apple Watch 2 repair

Service Price
Screen repair/ Glass replacement $100
Display repair $100
3D Touch repair Call for price
Battery replacement $80
Water damage repair $40* Call for details
Diagnostics $40

Apple Watch Series 2 Glass Replacement

No matter how reliable the equipment is, it is simply impossible to insure against its repair. Devices are especially affected by careless handling of them. The most vulnerable element of a portable mini-computer is protective glass, it is most often exposed to the negative influence of environmental factors. Its integrity can be violated due to the following reasons:


  • strong squeezing of the device;
  • powerful mechanical impact.


Competent engineers of the Arizona iPad Repair service center quickly and efficiently replace the glass of Apple Watch 2 using modern equipment for diagnosing and repairing Apple devices. We also replace the strap, power button, and reinstall the operating system.

Replacing the strap is the simplest type of service that does not imply disassembly of the device. It can be performed even in the presence of the client, as it does not take much time. Other types of repairs involve removing the front of the display to gain access to important elements of the internal parts.

How to bring a Apple Watch Series 2 back to life?

If you want to extend the life of your dear assistant, you should not even try to solve the problems that have arisen on your own. This can only aggravate the situation and cause even greater difficulties with the operation of the device. If your favorite “smart watch” stops turning on, starts to work inadequately, or cracks appear on the glass, there is no need to sound the alarm. It is enough just to hand your device into the hands of certified masters of the Arizona iPad Repair center.


We are competent in matters of any complexity related to the repair of Apple devices. Our technicians professionally perform the replacement of the Apple Watch 2 display, strictly observing all the necessary standards for performing repair procedures.

Why choose Arizona iPad Repair?

  • we have extensive knowledge thanks to which we undertake repairs that other services refuse;
  • we have the necessary equipment to replace the glass separately from the screen and at the same time keep the original matrix;
  • We are already trusted by thousands of customers, as evidenced by numerous reviews.
  • we provide 1 year guarantee
  • We love Apple technology and are ready to help with any problem. See for yourself.