Apple Watch Series 4 Repair at Arizona iPad Repair Service Center


The first and significant improvement for the fourth generation smartwatch was the dual-core 64-bit Apple S4 processor, which allows the gadget not to “slow down” even on complex programs, to quickly process all signals. To help him, there will be 1 GB of RAM. In general, the performance of the new device has doubled. Apple Watch Series 4 will be running the watchOS 5 operating system.


The Arizona iPad Repair Service center in Arizona repairs Apple Watch, in particular, we provide the most common service for replacing glass (screen). We employ experienced, competent people who will professionally restore watches. Screen replacement, Digital Crown repair, battery replacement, microphone replacement, water damage, and any other repairs are carried out as soon as possible, regardless of the degree of complexity of the work, with a quality guarantee.

How much does it cost to get your Apple Watch Series 4 repaired?

Service Price
Screen repair/ Glass replacement $150
Display repair $150
3D Touch repair Call for price
Battery replacement $120
Water damage repair $40* Call for details
Diagnostics $40

Apple Watch Series 4 Glass Replacement

At Arizona iPad Repair workshops, this procedure has been performed since the release of the first series in 2015. We have performed repairs of several thousand watches – this is a huge experience of engineers and the availability of high-quality proven spare parts. Replacing glass on Apple Watch Series 4 and 2-3 hours . After repair, the device undergoes final testing and a warranty card is issued for the repair performed.

Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Replacement

In some cases, replacing the glass will no longer help. For example, when the matrix has already been damaged on your watch – white or green vertical stripes have appeared, the display has partially or completely stopped displaying the image, black spots have appeared.


This type of repair, like glass replacement, has its own nuances. For the new display module to work correctly, it is necessary to transfer the microcircuit from the native one, which is responsible for the Apple Pay function and device activation. If this is not done, the clock is guaranteed to turn to brick.


Knowledge of the nuances and features and distinguishes a competent service center. iFix specializes only in the repair of Apple equipment, an experienced engineering staff is “sharpened” for the correct repair of the entire line.

Apple Watch Series 4 Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement allows you to restore the original battery life. It’s not a secret that the battery is consumable and must be replaced every 600-800 charge cycles, which corresponds to 1.5-2 years of use. In Series 4, the battery is replaced within 20-30 minutes, after which the device is glued with a sealant and fixed with clamps for 2-3 hours for the highest quality gluing.

Apple Watch Series 4 Water Damage Repair

The moisture protection is not permanent and over time the device may lose its resistance to immersion in water. The flooded equipment is not covered by the warranty from Apple and is produced at the expense of the owner of the device. Series 4’s extensive experience in recovering from water damage allows the device to quickly and efficiently restore its functionality and restore full functionality.

Why choose Arizona iPad Repair?

  • we have extensive knowledge thanks to which we undertake repairs that other services refuse;
  • we have the necessary equipment to replace the glass separately from the screen and at the same time keep the original matrix;
  • we are already trusted by thousands of customers, as evidenced by numerous reviews.
  • we provide 1 year guarantee
  • we love Apple technology and are ready to help with any problem. See for yourself.