Apple Watch Series 5 Repair at Arizona iPad Repair Service Center


In September 2019 Apple presented upgraded Apple Watch Series 5. Users were pleased with the new design and new reinforced hardware.


This is an ideal gadget for those who are in constant motion, but more often than not, this movement leads to its breakdown. 99% of the customers who come to us complain about faults that are classified as “accidents” and misuse.


The most common reasons for Apple Watch repair are:


  • replacement of glass and display;
  • battery replacement;
  • repair of Digital Crown;
  • cleaning after water damage.

How much does it cost to get your Apple Watch Series 5 repaired?

Service Price
Screen repair/ Glass replacement $200
Display repair $200
3D Touch repair Call for price
Battery replacement $150
Water damage repair $40* Call for details
Diagnostics $40

Apple Watch Series 5 Glass Replacement

The broken display, as a problem, has not disappeared anywhere with the arrival of the new model. Yes, in the Apple Watch Series 5, the creators have strengthened the glass, but, unfortunately, not enough to withstand drops from great heights, as well as strong impacts on hard objects.


When this happens, the display most often shows chips, cracks and scratches. It is strictly forbidden to use such a device. Because water flows into the cracks, dirt and dust gets into.


In addition, broken glass tends to crumble and damage the sensitive OLED matrix with fragments. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the display module.


The glass replacement process for Series 5 follows the same algorithm as for Series 4

in the Arizona iPad Repair service.

Apple Watch Series 5 Screen Replacement

In some cases, replacing the glass will no longer help. For example, when the matrix has already been damaged on your watch – white or green vertical stripes have appeared, the display has partially or completely stopped displaying the image, black spots have appeared.


This type of repair, like glass replacement, has its own nuances. For the new display module to work correctly, it is necessary to transfer the microcircuit from the native one, which is responsible for the Apple Pay function and device activation. If this is not done, the clock is guaranteed to turn to brick.


Knowledge of the nuances and features and distinguishes a competent service center. iFix specializes only in the repair of Apple equipment, an experienced engineering staff is “sharpened” for the correct repair of the entire line.

Apple Watch Series 5 Battery Replacement

The last problem faced by 5-Series Apple Watch users is a rapidly discharging battery. Yes, it is stated that the charge of the model will be enough for a day of battery life, but if used incorrectly, the time is reduced.


Most often, the battery life begins to decrease after a year and a half of active use. Therefore, as soon as you notice that the autonomy of the device has decreased and there are suspicions of improper battery operation, we recommend that you carry out diagnostics in the Arizona iPad Repair SC, which will take no more than 15 minutes and will show you the primary “diagnosis” of the breakdown. All the details of the repair will be reported to you by our administrator or directly by the master.


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