iPad 7 10.2″ (2019) Repair at Arizona iPad Repair Service Center

Models: A2197, A2198, A2200

One of the most popular tablets, the ideal device in terms of price-performance ratio. What is inside? iPad 7 10.2″ has a 10.2-inch Retina display (iPad Air 2 – 9.7 inches), an A10 Fusion processor, an 8-megapixel rear camera and a powerful battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. The device supports the full-size Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The iPad weighs just over 500 grams.

Service Price
Glass & LCD replacement $140
LCD ONLY replacement $200
Battery replacement $75
Charging port replacement $75
Front camera repair $75
Rear camera repair $75
Microphone repair $75
Power Button $75
Home button repair Call for price
Speaker repair $75
Volume key $75
WiFi Antenna $75
Water damage repair Call for price
Diagnostics Call for price

Unfortunately, users are not always careful with their equipment, which means that professional iPad 7 10.2″ (2019) repair may be needed . The main reasons for contacting the service are replacing glass, screen, battery and restoring the case, as well as repairing the iPad 7 10.2″ (2019) after water damage. Any malfunction can be eliminated by the specialists of the Arizona iPad Repair service center.

iPad 7 10.2″ Glass Replacement

In iPad 10.2, the display and glass are 2 separate parts, so the glass is replaced like on the iPad 6 and does not require a pressure chamber and laminator.


What is required to install a new part?


  • heating platform;
  • plastic spatulas;
  • a set of mediators;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • tweezers.


The process takes about 60 minutes and allows you to return the device to its factory state. After repair, the device undergoes a full functional check by Arizona iPad Repair service center professionals.

iPad 7 10.2″ Screen Replacement

Replacing the iPad 7 10.2″  screen is required in the following cases:

  • The display is covered with dark spots;
  • Colored stripes on the display;
  • Disruption of the sensor response.

At an Arizona iPad Repair service center, replacing the iPad 7 10.2″ display takes only a few hours. During this time, the specialist will carry out diagnostics to make sure that the service is really needed, then dismantle the old one and install a new screen.

iPad 7 10.2″ Battery Replacement

The battery can lose its capacity over time (normal wear and tear) or become unusable for other reasons:


  • Moisture inside the iPad case;
  • Use of low-quality chargers.
  • battery capacity deterioration;
  • worn out charge controller;
  • a problem with flash memory;
  • liquid ingress;
  • manufacturing defects.

Why should you Repair iPad 7 10.2″ (2019) at Arizona iPad Repair ?

  • The main specialization of our service is the repair of Apple equipment. Among the main advantages of the Arizona iPad Repair are the following:
    • Warranty for services and components that can be purchased separately;
    • The service constantly has discounts and promotions;
    • We understand how important an iPad is to the user and always carry out repair as soon as possible.