iPad 8 10.2″ Repair at Arizona iPad Repair Service Center

Models: A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430

List of iPad  8 10.2″ Repair offers by Arizona iPad Repair service center

How much does it cost to get your iPad 8 10.2″ repaired?

Service Price
Glass & LCD replacement / cracked screen Call for Price
Battery replacement Call for price
Charging port repair Call for price
Front camera repair Call for price
Rear camera repair Call for price
Audio jack Call for price
Microphone repair Call for price
Power Button Call for price
Home button repair Call for price
Speaker repair Call for price
Volume button repair Call for price
WiFi Antenna Call for price
Water damage repair Call for price
Diagnostics Call for price

Some of the most common iPad 8 10.2″ malfunctions include:

  • Cracked glass of the screen;
  • Broken display;
  • Battery damage;
  • Water damage;
  • Charging Port damage and more


Each of the above mentioned problems often occur due to inaccurate use of the tablet and even the presence of a cover and a protective film may not protect your gadget from damage if it will be dropped. This is when Arizona iPad Repair service center professionals come to help. We work every day and are always happy to help you!


Don’t worry if your iPad Pro has a damaged screen! Our repair technicians can easily fix this issue. Cracked screen is a very common problem that customers come to us with and our service specializes in this type of repair.

iPad 8 10.2″ Glass Replacement at Arizona iPad Repair service center

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid cases when the tablet slips out of hand and falls to the ground. Such an incident usually ends with cracked glass. Then there is no other choice but to replace the glass of the iPad 8 10.2. Only this solution can restore the aesthetic appearance and full functionality. Fortunately, restoring broken glass on iPad 8 10.2 is not difficult for professionals. It is enough to contact  Arizona iPad Repair service. You can book an appointment in advance on our website and get a 5% discount.

iPad 8 10.2″ Screen Replacement at Arizona iPad Repair service center

A faulty display is a serious problem that our customers encounter very often. In most cases, the tablet becomes unusable and gets worse every day. Fortunately, our service center copes with such defects without any problems!

At the Arizona iPad Repair service center, we will install a high quality screen that will restore the appearance and functionality of your device. We know our work, so you can be sure that our professionals will solve your problem.

iPad 8 10.2″ Battery Replacement at Arizona iPad Repair service center

Battery performance issues are most likely to occur after more than 500 charge cycles. The most popular symptoms include a fast discharge of the tablet, severe overheating, unexpected shutdown in the cold.

The sooner you replace the battery, the better for iPad 8 10.2. An old part can cause much more serious damage. This may cause the battery to swell and “push out” the screen or case. Arizona iPad Repair service center offers support from professional technicians.

iPad 8 10.2″ Case Replacement at Arizona iPad Repair service center

Damage of the case can be caused by falling onto the sidewalk or storing the device in a bag that contains keys or other items. This may cause damages to the case and appearance / look  of the device, so if you want your tablet to look good again, you’ll need to replace the iPad 8 10.2 case.

It is possible to order the replacement of the iPad 8 10.2 case in the Arizona iPad Repair service center post-warranty service. Our service very often accepts devices with such problems. A damaged, scratched case is a very common occurrence that we encounter every day in our work. We understand that our customers care a lot about keeping their tablet neat, but it is also important for them that the repair takes place as quickly as possible. We have the most modern service tools and high-quality components that make it possible efficiently & quickly to perform repair work.

Frequently asked Questions iPad 8 10.2″ repair in Arizona

Why is my iPad battery dying so fast?

iPad battery problems can occur when your iPad is set to Push instead of Fetch. … Those constant pings can seriously drain your iPad’s battery life. The solution is to switch mail from Push to Fetch. Rather than constantly pinging your inbox, your iPad will only fetch for mail once every few minutes. If you experience problems get an appointment and our professionals Arizona iPad Repair service center will fix it.

Which Is Better iPad Repair vs Replacement ?

From water damage to broken screens and everything in-between, we can fix it. And, if we find that your device is not repairable, Once you know what your tablet or iPad repair will cost, check it against the cost of buying a new, equivalent model. We repair iPad tablets, iPhones, iWatches. We also accept repair jobs for Android devices. Contact us for queries on getting your gadgets repaired.