iPad Air 3 Repair at Arizona iPad Repair Service Center

Models: A2152, A2123, A2153, A2154

The 3rd generation Pad Air is a novelty of 2019 that has not yet cooled down, which pleases users with increased capacities with improved graphics by 2.5 times. Also, the creators have updated the camera for lovers of high-quality photos.

Service Price
Glass & LCD replacement $200
Battery replacement $100
Charging port replacement $125
Front camera repair $100
Rear camera repair $100
Microphone repair Call for price
Power Button $110
Home button repair $100
Speaker repair $100
Volume button repair Call for price
WiFi Antenna $110
Water damage repair Call for price
Diagnostics Call for price

iPad Air 3 Glass Replacement

The first thing our clients come to us with is a broken screen. Such cases are common due to the fact that tablets often fall on hard surfaces, hitting hard objects on the way. Even shockproof covers and protective glasses do not protect you from strong shocks or falls from great heights. In this case, the first thing you should do is take the tablet to an Apple service center. For example, in Arizona iPad Repair SC we immediately diagnose the device. If the matrix is ​​working and no damage is visible on it, we recommend replacing the glass. This type of repair will keep the original matrix with the factory image.

iPad Air 3 Screen Replacement

If, nevertheless, the matrix was damaged, you will have to replace the entire display module with the iPad Air 3. Then another question arises that worries many users: how to preserve the native functions of the gadget? This repair uses high quality parts that are covered by 12 months warranty.

iPad Air 3 Battery Replacement

Another common problem is a discharging battery. The iPad Air 3 has a 5124 mAh battery, which is a lot for such a small device. But with improper operation, this volume is sharply reduced. For example, if you charge your device with cheap chargers, the battery starts to wear out. The same thing happens if water gets inside. In this case, you need not just a battery replacement, but also a professional cleaning of the device. After all, water can damage not only the battery, but the entire motherboard. Then your gadget will be completely out of order, without the possibility of recovery. To avoid this oversight, take your iPad Air 3 straight to the pros.


We will clean your device from moisture and dust, as well as replace all damaged parts. Cleaning the device is also recommended for preventive purposes. Since connectors and other secluded parts of the structure accumulate dirt and dust, which causes overheating of the processor and system malfunctions. This will give you the opportunity to keep your apple friend as a new one, no matter how old he is;) And we will help you with this! We are always ready to provide urgent assistance to any Apple gadget, when it is convenient for you. We work seven days a week and without holidays, so choose a day for yourself.


Our expertise lies in the repair of Samsung and Apple devices so if your iPad Air 3 needs to be fixed, phone us on (480) 559-9694 today to book an appointment with one of our team. Alternatively, simply walk into the store during opening hours if you are in the area and we will diagnose the problem as soon as

Why should you order an iPad Air 3 repair at an Arizona iPad Repair service center?

The main specialization of our service is the repair of Apple equipment. Among the main advantages of the Arizona iPad Repairare the following:

    • Warranty for service services and components that can be purchased separately;
    • The service constantly has discounts and promotions.