iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2 & iPad Mini 3 Repair at Arizona iPad Repair SC

The comfortable weight and sleek dimensions of iPad mini 3 create the perfect combination for those who are used to living on the move. Taking into account the fact that the gadget has acquired a new function of Touch ID, the work with the tablet has now become even more comfortable.


What are the benefits?


Unlike its larger brother, it is ideal for watching videos, or reading books in public transport. On business trips, the tablet fits perfectly even in the luggage of a true Spartan, as opposed to a bulky laptop. However, due to such heavy use, situations often arise when iPad mini 3 repairs or software reinstallation are required.


If you have a broken iPad and need to have it repaired, please drop it by Arizona iPhone Repair today!

Service Price
Glass ONLY $70
Battery replacement $65
Charging port repair $80
Camera repair $75
Microphone repair Call for price
Power Button $120
Home button repair Call for price
Speaker repair Call for price
Volume key Call for price
WiFi Antenna $120
Water damage repair Call for price
Diagnostics Call for price

iPad Mini 3 Glass Replacement

The touchscreen is the most important and at the same time the most vulnerable part of the tablet. A crack on the screen can arise from crushing the iPad in a pants pocket, or careless movement, as a result of which, the tablet will fall and hit hard. Due to the design features of the gadget, replacing the iPad mini 3 glass requires increased accuracy and the presence of certain skills.

iPad Mini 3 Case Replacement

iPad case. Aluminum is a material that is lightweight, corrosion resistant and strong enough. But, according to the last parameter, it is significantly inferior to steel. Therefore, in case of significant falls and bumps, an inexpensive operation to straighten the iPad case can return your gadget to its former beauty and performance. Quite often, the straightening of the geometry of the case is accompanied by the need to replace the glass of the iPad mini 3, which also suffers when the profile of the back cover of the tablet is distorted.

iPad Mini 3 Home Button Repair

This breakdown may happen even if the tablet did without bathing, falling and getting into the teeth of pets, then sooner or later it will be overtaken by a breakdown of the main button itself. Simply because she has a certain resource of work. And the more often you turn on / off the tablet, the sooner you need to repair the Home button on your iPad, but after that, the gadget will work like a clock.

iPad Mini 3 Water Damage

These situations, any part of the tablet may fail due to moisture ingress. This is indicated by special indicators that have been prudently installed by Apple. In this case, iPad mini 3 cannot be repaired under warranty. And the faster the iPad is subjected to a multi-stage water recovery procedure, the more chances it will delight its owner for a long time.

Why should you order an iPad Mini 1, 2 & 3 Repair at Arizona iPad Repair service center?

The main specialization of our service is the repair of Apple equipment. Among the main advantages of the Arizona iPad Repairare the following:

    • Warranty for service services and components that can be purchased separately;
    • The service constantly has discounts and promotions;
    • We understand how important a smartphone is to the user and always carry out repair as soon as possible.