iPad Pro 11″ 2018 Repair at Arizona iPad Repair SC

The Pad Pro 11 is a new gadget that has revolutionized the way Apple tablets are viewed. Everything has been updated: from the diagonal to the entire filling. This is one of the first tablets to feature Face ID. The device is equipped with an 8-core processor and a 7-core graphics accelerator, which allows you to handle tasks faster than many modern laptops.

Service Price
Glass & LCD replacement Gen 1 Model $350
Battery replacement $150
Charging port replacement Call for price
Front camera repair Call for price
Rear camera repair Call for price
Audio jack Call for price
Microphone repair Call for price
Power Button Call for price
Home button repair Call for price
Speaker repair Call for price
Volume button repair Call for price
WiFi Antenna Call for price
Water damage repair Call for price
Diagnostics Call for price


  • A12X Bionic processor;
  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • Nano-SIM;
  • 12-megapixel camera with portrait mode support;
  • Face ID support;
  • battery capacity 7812 mAh;
  • weight: 468 grams.


The novelty has won many fans, and in 2018 it became a hit of sales.


What are the most common types of breakdowns in iPad Pro 11? We will answer this question relying on the experience of the Arizona iPad Repair SC.

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 Glass Replacement at Arizona iPad Repair

This model needs handling with care because one fall can lead to broken display glass. The cracks and debris make usage of the device not comfortable and safe, especially if children are active users. The broken touchscreen can damage the bottom layer – the display matrix, which will significantly affect the cost of repair.

Glass repair on iPad Pro 12.9″ is carried out on professional equipment with gluing on OCA film. This procedure allows you to save on repair costs and preserve the original display – color rendition, brightness, sensor performance, True Tone and Face ID.

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 Screen Replacement

The display module for iPad Pro 12.9″ consists of the following layers:

  • glass;
  • sensor;
  • polarizing layer;
  • matrix (LCD);
  • display backlight.

Usually the top layer – glass damage is very common, but if the impact was strong, a fall on a stone, then the matrix may be damaged. iPad Pro 12.9″ display replacement is done by our professionals The Arizona iPad Repair service center employs experienced and qualified professionals who face similar problems every day. Using high quality components and the most modern tools, they will cope with glass replacement in the shortest possible time.

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 Battery Replacement

The battery can lose its capacity over time (normal wear and tear) or become unusable for other reasons:

  • Sharp temperature drop;
  • Moisture inside the smartphone case;
  • Use of low-quality chargers.

Replacing the iPad 12 battery at the Arizona iPad Repair service center takes about 30 minutes.

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 Case Replacement

The body of the iPad 12, just like the screen, is very sensitive to physical influences. Replacing the iPad 12 case may be necessary whenever the device falls, after which cracks and dents may appear on the outside of the smartphone.

iPad Pro 11″ 2018 Repair After Water Damage

iPad 12 is IP68 waterproof, making it resistant to splash water and dust. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee 100% protection against moisture penetration into the smartphone body.

Water can cause irreparable damage to the internal components of the device, and that is why, first of all, you need to turn off the phone and take it to a service for cleaning as soon as possible. The master will thoroughly dry the smartphone and, if necessary, replace the parts that have been damaged.

To avoid irreparable consequences from getting wet, do not turn on the phone or put it on charging. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur and the smartphone may not be able to recover.

Why should you order an iPad Pro 11″ 2018 repair at an Arizona iPad Repair service center?

The main specialization of our service is the repair of Apple equipment. Among the main advantages of the Arizona iPad Repairare the following:

    • Warranty for service services and components that can be purchased separately;
    • The service constantly has discounts and promotions;
    • We understand how important a smartphone is to the user and always carry out repair as soon as possible