iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Max is equipped with an OLED display with a diagonal of 6.5 inches, protected from liquid and dust. Improvements have also been made to the operation of the face ID sensor, the response speed has become much better – instant access to the phone memory and reliable data protection.

Service Price
Glass replacement $140
Back glass replacement $100
Battery replacement $60
Charging port repair $90
Vibrator motor replacement Call for price
Earpiece repair $70
Microphone repair $90
Speaker repair $90
Volume button repair Call for price
Home button repair N/A
WiFi repair Call for price
Front camera replacement $150
Rear camera replacement $150
Replacement of the housing $280
Diagnostics $40


  • A13 Bionic processor;
  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • 3 cameras – ultra wide angle, wide angle and telephoto;
  • battery capacity – 3969 mAh;
  • Liquid protection IP68;
  • fast charging – 50% in 30 minutes;
  • weight: 226 grams.

The phone is equipped with an 18W power unit, which allows you to speed up the charging process (all previous models are equipped with 5W).

The design of the device is similar to iPhone XS Max, adding a new color midnight green, which, has received the greatest popularity among Apple users.

Significant improvements to specific components and innovative technologies of the device still do not protect the smartphone from breakdowns, which we will discuss below.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Cracked Glass

8 out of 10 of our clients come to us with cracked screens. The increased dimensions require more careful handling and often, after a fall, cracks and chips appear on the glass. At Arizona iPad Repair center, factory technology (OCA) is used to replace the screen glass. We guarantee the safety of such important functions as face ID and True Tone. Glass replacement saves 70-80% on repair costs and preserves the original matrix.

iPhone 11 pro max Sensor (touchscreen) is not working properly

iPhone 11 Pro Max’s touchscreen can be replaced without replacing the entire module. The display consists of layers, the touchscreen is located directly under the glass of the display, it is a thin film that is easily damaged, especially when hitting the side. If you have a wrong touch screen response or no response, we can just replace the touch glass. This service allows you to save 50-60%.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Replacing the Display

If the front panel of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is severely damaged, a display replacement is inevitable. How to determine? When the display is turned on, green or white stripes, black spots, dots or no image appear, the device plays sounds when connected to a charger, and there is a reaction to switching the vibration slider.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rear Glass Replacement

The glass of the case can be broken as a result of a drop on a hard surface. The back cover replacement procedure is performed only by an experienced engineer and requires special care and accuracy. Next to the glass is a rechargeable battery and a wireless charging cable, which are easily damaged if not properly disassembled. iPhone 11 Pro Max case repairs have the same level of complexity as previous glass cases. We have accumulated a lot of experience and use the best consumables.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rear Camera Glass Replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Max is equipped with a triple-camera system that protrudes  in a squircle-shaped bump. From our experience of replacing the camera glass on the iPhone XS Max, we can confidently say that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has several times more chances of damage to the camera glass when dropped. The design allows them to be replaced separately without replacing the case and without opening the device.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rapid Battery Drain

The large capacity of the battery allows you to forget about recharging your smartphone for the whole day, but after 500-800 full charge cycles, the original power capacity decreases. iPhone 11 Pro Max includes a Lightning to USB-C cable and 18W fast-charging adapter. A common mistake is using poor quality chargers, car chargers and power banks, which leads to rapid battery wear and damage to the logic board.

We always have high-quality batteries in stock. The device is tested for the power supply for any problems with the logic board that can affect the rapid discharge of the battery.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair after Water Damage

Another common problem with the iPhone 11 Pro Max is water or any other liquid penetration into the housing. Dropped your phone into the pool or spilled coffee? Don’t trust marketers who claim the iPhone 11 Pro Max is waterproof. Perhaps in a laboratory setting, but not in reality. Water that gets into the phone case will inevitably lead to damage. The first thing that our masters recommend when moisture gets in is to turn off the device and not connect it to a charging source. Drying with a hair dryer, heating on a battery, or dipping in rice will not work, but rather exacerbate oxidation inside the device and increase repair costs.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Face ID Repair

The reasons why the function stops recognizing the owner’s face:


  • water;
  • swipe;
  • dust and small particles under protective glass;
  • Cracked display;
  • the display frame is peeled off.

Repair of the sensor is a common service at our service center; restoration of operability takes from two hours to several days.

Advantages of repair at Arizona iPad Repair

Do you want to receive an honest high-quality service that will save you time, nerves and money?

We love apple technology, so you can be sure that your gadget will be refurbished at the highest level. We have spare parts and professional equipment needed.