iPhone 11 Pro Repair

The iPhone 11 Pro, which was presented by Apple on September 20, 2019, surprised users with a new camera and a never-before-used Apple color: Midnight Green..

In addition, the internal was significantly revised. The smartphone has on board the new A13 Bionic processor, Super Retina XDR display, improved protection against splashes, dust and moisture, and significantly improved response speed of the Face ID sensor.

But does this mean that it is not prone to malfunction? Unfortunately not. The device, like all equipment, is prone to failure, and we will talk about the most common failures in the iPhone 11 Pro.

Service Price
Glass replacement $130
Rear glass replacement $100
Battery replacement $60
Charging port repair $90
Vibrator motor replacement Call for price
Earpiece repair $60
Microphone repair $90
Speaker repair $90
Volume button repair Call for price
Home button repair N/A
WiFi repair Call for price
Front camera replacement $150
Rear camera replacement $150
Replacement of the housing $280
Diagnostics $40

iPhone 11 Pro Glass replacement

Manufactured using original technologies on OCA film, high-quality parts and consumables. The display of this model is made using IPS technology and consists of the following layers:


  • display glass;
  • display frame;
  • front polarizing layer;
  • LCD matrix on which the sensor is located;
  • rear polarizing layer;
  • display backlight.


Replacing the glass on the iPhone SE 2 2020 is the same as with the iPhone 8. Repairing the display requires a molybdenum string, a vacuum separator, adhesive remover, a laminator, and a pressure chamber.


Qualified iPhone repairs are performed only by an experienced engineer using professional equipment. Arizona iPad Repair offers to restore the smartphone’s functionality as soon as possible.

iPhone 11 Pro Replacing the Touch Screen

If the display is blank or stripes appear, the iPhone SE 2 display needs to be replaced. We have premium high-quality displays. When replacing the module, True Tone and factory tightness are preserved, each part, screw and protection is installed in its place.

How to Avoid a Cracked Screen?

First of all, our engineers recommend not to neglect the use of high-quality protective glasses and branded covers (preferably with a dense silicone side). Accessories will minimize the risk of damage to the device in case of a strong fall. If you are not used to “dressing” the iPhone, we recommend not to put the phone in your bag, pocket with coins, keys and any metal objects and train your reaction speed.

iPhone 11 Pro Replacing the Display Module

If defects appear on the screen or there is no image at all you got to replace the display. When repairing the display, our engineers make sure to transfer True Tone from the native display and restore the tightness of the device.

iPhone 11 Pro Rear Camera Replacement

If the camera stops focusing after a fall, gray spots appear, or there is no image at all, then the iPhone 11 Pro camera needs to be replaced.

iPhone 11 Pro Replacing the Camera Glass

iPhone 11 Pro has a glass body and camera lenses. The lenses of the cameras protrude from the body, making them vulnerable if dropped onto a hard surface. Thankfully, replacing the camera glass on the iPhone 11 Pro is quick and takes less than 60 minutes. With minor breakage, smartphone disassembly is not required.

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement

The third most common iPhone 11 Pro breakdown is battery problems. The battery of this model has a capacity of 3046 mAh (in the iPhone XS 2658 mAh), one full charge should be enough for a day of active use.


The habit of using portable Power Bank chargers, car chargers has a detrimental effect on the battery life – the autonomy of the device and the battery capacity decrease.


The first signs of a battery problem are:

  • too fast discharge;
  • incorrect indication of the charging process;
  • a bulging screen is a sign of a swollen battery.

Battery wear can also be checked in the iPhone settings, as a rule, in case of critical wear, you will see the information message “Service”.


If moisture gets inside the smartphone, it also leads to problems with the battery, it loses its capacity or swells.


iPhone 11 Pro, despite the manufacturer’s declared water resistance, is susceptible to liquid. If moisture gets inside the case, the display module and Face ID have a high chance of failure. So we do not recommend immersing Apple equipment in water.

iPhone 11 Pro Repair after Water Damage

As we said above, moisture is a dangerous enemy of the iPhone 11 Pro. If you continue to use your wet iPhone and even charge it, then the oxidation process inside accelerates significantly and your phone inside it turns into a solid piece of rust.


In this case, a comprehensive cleaning of the device can save the iPhone 11 Pro – the iPhone is disassembled and traces of moisture in visible areas are removed, then the logic board is removed and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, then the board is unsoldered and the internal elements are restored if they have been exposed to moisture.