iPhone 12 Pro Max Repair in Arizona

iPhone 12 Pro Max, like any other Apple gadget, is a quality device and is made of high quality and durable materials. Unfortunately, even the most revolutionary devices can sometimes fail and in this case, it is very important to contact a professional repair service. This is exactly what Arizona iPad Repair is.

Service Price
Glass replacement $150
Back glass replacement $130
Battery replacement $120
Charging port repair $130
Volume button repair Call for price
Vibrator motor replacement Call for price
Earpiece repair $70
Microphone repair $130
Speaker repair $130
WiFi repair Call for price
Front camera replacement $180
Rear camera replacement $180
Diagnostics $40

iPhone 12 Pro Max Repair Peculiarities

iPhone 12 Pro Max Glass Replacement

Cracked iPhone glass not only affects the appearance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it also increases the chances of further damage to the phone, such as a malfunctioning display.

Cracked glass is a very common problem that customers come to us with. We acquire premium high-quality spare parts, so the replaced glass will not be different from your original one.

IPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Replacement / LCD replacement

A damaged display is a serious malfunction that can make your iPhone inconvenient to use, and in the worst situations, when the touch panel is damaged, it becomes unusable.

Our professional technicians will repair or replace your iPhone’s screen. Your iPhone is safe with us as all of our replacement parts are tested to rigorous standards and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

IPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Replacement

Unfortunately, a lithium-ion battery can deteriorate over time. The first sign is a significant reduction of working hours. It is possible that the smartphone will start to overheat or even turn off.

If these signs appear, we also recommend checking the battery status in the settings. After 500 charging cycles, the battery will have approximately 80% of its original capacity. Therefore, you should visit a service center as soon as possible to replace the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery.

IPhone 12 Pro Max Rear Case Replacement

IPhone 12 Pro Max is crafted with premium materials for great looks and durability. Unfortunately, over time, even Apple devices lose their flawless appearance. Back cover damage is most often caused by rough handling. Even a drop from a low height can lead to scratches and dents, which can significantly affect the appearance of the device.

Our service offers to restore iPhone 12 Pro Max to almost perfect condition. We will replace the cover, leaving all the other components, and thereby significantly reduce repair costs. Refurbishment like this is a great way to refresh the look of your smartphone.

Repair iPhone 12 Pro Max Liquid Damage

Any time your phone is exposed to water, there is a significant risk of damage to it. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is IP68 water-resistant, but it doesn’t offer 100% protection. If liquid has been spilled on your smartphone leave the phone turned off and take it to a service center as soon as possible, where specialists will save your iPhone.

IPhone 12 Pro Max repair at Arizona iPad Repair service center

A large number of Apple devices with all sorts of unpleasant defects – from problems with the battery to the screen or display are brought to our service every day. We do our best to ensure that all devices are repaired as soon as possible, and the experience of the technician and professional equipment ensure the highest quality of repairs.