iPhone 12 Repair in Arizona

The iPhone 12 became a novelty in 2020 and immediately gained popularity among Apple users. The smartphone features not only great design but also characteristics, among which the following should be noted:


  • Super Retina XDR display @ 60Hz. That’s what became the main feature of this smartphone. The manufacturer has endowed the iPhone 12 screen with a unique Ceramic Shield, thanks to which the probability of damage to the display is 4 times reduced;
  • A14 Bionic processor, which is the fastest among iPhones;
  • camera, or rather two cameras: wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle.
Service Price
Glass replacement $150
Back glass replacement $130
Battery replacement $90
Charging port repair $130
Volume button repair Call for price
Vibrator motor replacement Call for price
Earpiece repair $70
Microphone repair $130
Speaker repair $130
WiFi repair Call for price
Front camera replacement $180
Rear camera replacement $180
Replacement of the housing $280
Diagnostics $40

Unfortunately, users are not always careful with their equipment, which means that professional iPhone 12 repair may be needed at any, even the most inopportune moment. The main reasons for contacting the service center are replacing the glass, screen, battery and restoring the rear case, as well as repairing the iPhone 12 after water damage.

Any malfunction can be eliminated by the specialists of the Arizona iPad Repair service center.

Peculiarities of IPhone 12 Repair

iPhone 12 Glass Replacement

As mentioned earlier, the front screen of iPhone 12 has strong protection, but even it will not withstand if the device is dropped on a hard surface and may crack. If the screen itself works, then it is possible to restore the broken glass, the cost of which is several times less than replacing the entire screen module. Arizona iPad Repair uses only professional equipment and special tools to replace your iPhone 12’s front glass.

IPhone 12 Screen Replacement

Replacing the iPhone 12 screen is required in the following cases:

  • The display is covered with dark spots;
  • Colored stripes on the display;
  • Delayed touch screen response.

At an Arizona iPad Repair service center, replacing the iPhone 12 display takes only a few hours. During this time, the specialist will carry out diagnostics to make sure that the service is really needed, then dismantle the old one and install a new screen.

IPhone 12 Battery Replacement

The battery can lose its capacity over time (normal wear and tear) or become unusable for other reasons:

  • Sharp temperature drop;
  • Moisture inside the smartphone;
  • Use of low-quality chargers.

Replacing the iPhone 12 battery at the Arizona iPad Repair service center takes about 30 minutes.

IPhone 12 Rear Case Replacement

The body of the iPhone 12, just like the screen, is very sensitive to physical influences. Replacing the iPhone 12 case may be necessary whenever the device falls, after which cracks and dents may appear on the outside of the smartphone.

Repair iPhone 12 after Water Damage

iPhone 12 is IP68 waterproof, making it resistant to splash, water and dust. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee 100% protection against moisture penetration into the smartphone.

Water can cause irreparable damage to the internal components of the device, and that is why, first of all, you need to turn off the phone and take it to a service for cleaning as soon as possible. The technician will thoroughly dry the smartphone and, if necessary, replace the parts that have been damaged.

Do not turn on the phone or put it on charging after water damage, otherwise, the smartphone may not be able to be fixed.

Why should you order an iPhone 12 repair at an Arizona iPad Repair service center?

The main specialization of our service is the repair of Apple equipment. Among the main advantages of the Arizona iPad Repair are the following:

  • Warranty for high-quality spare parts ford up to 1 year;
  • The service constantly has discounts and promotions;
  • We understand how important a smartphone is to the user and always carry out the repair as soon as possible.