iPhone 6 Plus Repair

Launched in 2014, the iPhone 6 Plus, is the first Apple smartphone with a 5.5-inch display. The device is equipped with a powerful A8 processor with a second generation 64-bit architecture and 1 GB of RAM. The 8 million pixel camera allows you to take high-quality photos and videos.


The main causes of malfunctioning:

  • Cracked display glass;
  • deformation of the housing;
  • liquid inside the housing;
  • battery wear;
  • failure of the sensor controller (touchscreen);
  • failure of the charge / power controller (U2 / U7);
  • short circuit of the elements of the logic board;
  • clogging of the grids of the voice speaker and microphone.
Service Price
Glass replacement $60
LCD screen replacement $60
Battery replacement $40
Audio jack repair $70
Charging port repair $50
Vibrator motor replacement $70
Earpiece repair $70
Microphone repair $70
Speaker repair $50
Home button repair $40
Volume button repair $70
WiFi repair $70
Front camera replacement $50
Rear camera replacement $50
Replacement of the housing $90
Diagnostics $40

iPhone 6 Plus Glass Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus’s shatterproof sapphire crystal delicate screen is also susceptible to cracking like its predecessors. Replacing the iPhone glass, takes from 30 to 60 minutes, will help the smartphone return to its former beauty and functionality. The display is repaired according to the factory technology – gluing on OCA film using a pressure chamber and a laminator. The accumulated experience, high-quality consumables and technology allow us to confidently provide a guarantee for 6 months.


For this iPhonemodel, a common problem is case deformation, which appears when dropped or when worn in a back pocket. The bends of the case have a negative effect on the operation of the logic board, namely on the sensor control chip – the touchscreen controller. With such damage, the display sensor may not work correctly or completely and white stripes appear at the top of the display.

iPhone 6 Plus Display Replacement

Often, strong bumps or falls from great heights leave no chance for the screen. Repairing such a breakdown in Arizona iPad Repair takes 30 to 40 minutes and allows the device to return to full operational performance.


How to determine that the entire display needs replacement?


  • there is no image, while the phone receives incoming calls and notifications come and the smartphone emits a characteristic sound when connected to the charger;
  • incorrect operation of the sensor, which may indicate both a problem with the display and damage to the logic board;
  • black spots or streaks on the display.

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

A common problem with the iPhone6 Plus is fast battery drain, which can be accompanied by reboots, heats, or slowdowns at low battery percentages. The battery life is designed for 600-800 charge cycles, after which there is a significant drop in capacity. The use of original or high-quality cables and chargers will help save and extend the battery life. Forget about Power Bank and car chargers!

Cleaning iPhone 6 Plus after Water Penetration

A common problem for owners of iPhones is a forgotten smartphone in their pocket, which then appears in the pool, sea or washing machine; there are often cases of immersion in the bathroom or toilet. The Internet is replete with tips for self-repair and methods of absorbing liquid from the phone. I want to note right away that rice will not help to draw water out of the phone, and you will waste valuable time and, as a result, more expensive repairs. Moisture inside the smartphone will continue to destructively affect the internal elements – the logic board, button loop, display, battery, microphone and charging connector.

What to do if liquid is spilled?

The first step is to contact a competent Apple service center, where they will definitely open the phone and turn off the battery power.


After receiving the device, it is immediately sent to the master for ultrasound cleaning and subsequent diagnostics. Time plays an important role in this case and we are in a hurry to remove the effects of the liquid as quickly as possible.


What not to do if water gets in?


  • do not charge;
  • do not turn on;
  • do not dry with rice or on a battery;
  • do not heat with a hairdryer;
  • do not try to disassemble without the appropriate tools and experience.

Why us?

SC Arizona iPad Repair is ​​a team of professionals who are ready to help and provide urgent repairs or provide advice on the use of equipment. We specialize in providing competent, transparent and open services.