iPhone 6 Repair

The most anticipated gadget of 2014 – iPhone6, pleased Apple fans with its quality and performance. Thanks to the development of Apple, iPhonehas long ceased to be exclusively a telephone, now it is an indispensable assistant and companion.

The higher the importance of the device, the more noticeable the loss becomes when the iPhonefails. The good news is that iPhone6 repairs are now done in minutes.


The main reasons for failure:

Alas, contrary to media promises, the iPhone6’s sapphire crystal screen is not shatterproof. If a crack appears on the screen, then replacing the glass will allow the phone to return to its previous functionality and aesthetics.

Service Price
Glass replacement $60
Display LCD replacement $60
Battery replacement $40
Audio jack repair $60
Charging port repair $50
Vibrator motor replacement $50
Earpiece repair $50
Microphone repair $40
Speaker repair $50
Home button repair $40
Volume button repair $50
WiFi repair $60
Front camera replacement $50
Rear camera replacement $50
Replacement of the housing $90
Diagnostics $40

iPhone 6 Pet Bites

Often times, phones and tablets suffer from the teeth and claws of pets. In this case, dents and scratches may appear on the case. To return the phone to its previous appearance, straightening or installing a new case will help. And if black spots appear on the screen or the sensor malfunctions, the display will need to be replaced.

Things to Remember

If your device is damaged by a spilled liquid, the first thing to do is turn off your phone. Thus, you will save it from a short circuit, and the incipient electro-chemical corrosion. Drying on a battery, in rice, or with a hair dryer, unfortunately, will not bring the desired effect. In order to eliminate the consequences of getting wet, complete disassembly, drying, cleaning the logic board with ultrasound, and diagnostics of performance are required.

Badly heard when talking

If you notice that it became difficult to hear during a conversation, pay attention to the state of the earpiece speaker grid (located at the top of the display). A clean mesh is black; if clogged, it becomes gray.

Replace the glass or display?

Replacing the glass on the iPhone6 is possible if the matrix (LCD) of the display module remains intact after breaking.

The service is fully consistent with the factory technology and is produced on OCA film (thick glue). The gluing takes place by the method of vacuum lamination and takes 20-30 minutes. The advantage of this technology is the quality of work and the preservation of the original display.

What to do if iPhone 6 battery drains quickly?

As a rule, the reasons for the rapid discharge of an iPhoneare:


  • battery capacity wear;
  • a problem with the U2 charge controller microcircuit;
  • consumption of one of the components – display, charging connector or Home button;
  • liquid ingress;
  • a problem with the processor or flash memory;
  • manufacturing defects.

The problem is often solved by installing a new battery. The cost of the work includes device diagnostics, which precisely allows you to determine the problem of fast discharge.


What is the cause of this problem? If you are using portable Power Bank chargers, car chargers, or using a 2A iPad power supply, then the likelihood of iPhonepower problems is very high. Do not violate the operating conditions and iPhone6 will delight you with trouble-free operation for a long time.