iPhone 6S Plus Repair

iPhone 6S Plus is most likely to break down when handled roughly: drops, bumps, immersion in liquid, power outages, and poor quality chargers. But if earlier you had to search the Internet where to repair your iPhone, now you just need to call the Arizona iPad Repair SC or book an appointment online.


The main reasons for failure:

  • falling onto a hard surface;
  • liquid ingress;
  • use of car chargers and Power Bank;
  • not qualified intervention;
  • short circuit.
Service Price
Glass replacement $60
Display LCD replacement $60
Battery replacement $40
Audio jack repair $70
Charging port repair $50
Vibrator motor replacement $60
Earpiece repair $60
Microphone repair $60
Speaker repair $50
Home button repair $40
Volume button repair $70
WiFi repair $70
Front camera replacement $50
Rear camera replacement $50
Replacement of the housing $90
Diagnostics $40

iPhone 6S Plus Cracked Glass Replacement

The large screen and perfectly sleek body are the pride of the Apple smartphone. But so far it is not strong enough to survive a drop on the asphalt. Cracked screen glass is the lightest damage. We perform glass replacement on the iPhone 6S Plus, as often as on the previous model iPhone6s. Arizona iPad Repair is equipped with: vacuum separator, autoclave, dust-free zone and professional tools, which allows us to re-glue glass in the shortest possible time.

The display glass is repaired using OCA film, which makes it possible to preserve the original display, brightness with color rendition, and sensor response.

iPhone 6S Plus Display Replacement

Display replacement is necessary in case of failure of the LCD matrix, it can be determined by the following features:

  • the screen stopped showing image;
  • black spots or colored stripes on the display;
  • delayed touchscreen response.

Installing a new display will take 30-40 minutes at the Arizona iPad Repair center. We offer a warranty from 3 to 12 months for the premium parts we install.

iPhone 6S Plus Repair after Water Damage

May be required if liquid gets inside the smartphone. Very often, iPhones are plunged in the pool, forgotten in things in the washing machine, and drowned in glasses with alcohol. Situations can be different, but there is only one way out – do not try to dry yourself or eliminate the effects of water in the iPhone6s Plus. Repair after liquid damage in Arizona iPad Repair is done according to the following rules: the device is instantly opened and the battery power is turned off, after which all visible liquid residues are wiped, then the logic board is cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner and work is carried out under a microscope.


All actions take place only after agreement with the owner. We always keep in touch with customers and carry out Apple repairs as openly as possible.

iPhone 6S Plus Rear Camera Replacement

A common problem in 6S Plus – after a fall, the main camera stops focusing or only a black screen is on when started. The part is not collapsible and this problem is solved by installing a new camera. In rare cases the issue may lie in the logic board. In this case, professional diagnostics in Arizona iPad Repair will help you to accurately identify the problem and eliminate it professionally.