iPhone 6S Repair

iPhone 6S was presented on September 9, 2015. The smartphone is a worthy continuation of Apple’s line of phones. The design of the iPhone6s is similar to the previous model, but it’s only superficially.


The smartphone was significantly improved:


  • the problem of “bending body” has been solved: 7000 series aluminum is used in the manufacture;
  • the heart of the iPhoneis the powerful A9 processor;
  • RAM 2 GB;
  • accelerated Touch ID function;
  • battery capacity 1715 mAh;
  • 4 colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

Qualitative improvements have not relieved the new device of typical problems associated with poor handling. More than 95% of calls to the Arizona iPad Repair are about issues raised by the fault of users, and only the remaining 5% are factory defects or weak points of the model.

Service Price
Glass replacement $60
LCD screen replacement $60
Battery replacement $40
Audio jack repair $40
Charging port repair $50
Vibrator motor replacement $50
Earpiece repair $50
Microphone repair $40
Speaker repair $50
Home button repair $40
Volume button repair $50
WiFi repair $60
Front camera replacement $50
Rear camera replacement $50
Replacement of the housing $90
Diagnostics $40

The most common iPhone 6S problems:


  • Cracked display glass;
  • no image;
  • fast discharge of the battery;
  • liquid ingress;
  • short circuits of the logic board;
  • failure of the charge controller U2, power supply U7;
  • clogging of the grids of speakers;
  • wear of the charging / sync connector;
  • problem with focusing the main camera.

iPhone 6S Glass Replacement

Screen cracks are usually caused by dropping the phone on a hard surface or deformation of the case. The replacement of glass on an iPhone is carried out with OCA film, a pressure chamber, a laminator, a separator, a string and the direct hands of the master are used for gluing. The quality of the glass replacement directly depends on the consumables and the level of competence of the engineer. The Arizona iPad Repair is one of the leaders in Apple repair in Arizona and is focused on providing quality services.


The main advantage of glass replacement is without a doubt the cost of work, which is 70% cheaper than replacing the display module. The second advantage is the preservation of the original matrix and color rendition, sensor operation.

iPhone 6S Liquid Ingress

The standard situation is immersion of the iPhone in the bathroom, pool or sea. Repairing iPhone 6S after water penetration includes a set of measures that will restore the device to full functionality and eliminate further problems.


The repair procedure after water damage is done in the following steps:

  • disassembling the device and turning off the battery power;
  • cleaning damaged areas from moisture – display, charging connector, all loops;
  • cleaning the logic board with ultrasound;
  • unsoldering protective screens and searching for oxidations, short circuits and damaged microcircuits;
  • soldering under a microscope;
  • testing of all components;
  • checking modular parts;
  • device start-up and final diagnostics.

As you can see, iPhone repair after water damage is a long procedure that takes time and experience.

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement

Very often people come to Arizona iPad Repair with iPhone 6S, with significantly drained battery capacity. Devices with such problems turn off in the cold, at low percentages of charge, they work slowly, quickly discharge and charge. iPhonebattery is designed for 600-800 cycles, which on average makes it possible to use the battery life “painlessly” for 1-1.5 years.

The cost of work includes diagnostics of the logic board – charge controller and all nodes for the complete elimination of problems.

Why should you contact Arizona iPad Repair?

Arizona iPad Repair is specialized in one brand and provides exclusively Apple technology services. We work according to simple and transparent rules – honesty, openness and competence. Most of the repairs are carried out on site – workshops are stocked with spare parts and equipped to minimize waiting times and ensure high quality.


Always happy to help. See you at the Arizona iPad Repair service center.