iPhone 7 Plus Repair

The 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus is currently the cheapest large-screen Apple smartphone in the market. The phone comes with a Retina HD display that’s 25% brighter, 3 gigabytes of RAM and an updated A10 processor with high performance. The device supports the 3D Touch function, which detects the pressure applied to the display.


Modifications of the 7 Plus smartphone with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB of memory are available to users. The presence of an ultra-thin waterproof case with an IP67 protection standard is an important competitive advantage of the smartphone.

Service Price
Glass replacement $75
Display replacement $75
Battery replacement $50
Charging port repair $60
Vibrator motor replacement $60
Earpiece repair $60
Microphone repair $60
Speaker repair $60
Home button repair $60
Volume button repair $60
WiFi repair $60
Front camera replacement $70
Rear camera replacement $70
Replacement of the housing $110
Diagnostics $40

The device is presented in five color shades:


  • Black;
  • Jet Black;
  • Gold;
  • Silver;
  • Rose Gold;

A real breakthrough in smartphone production technology is the presence of a dual 12-megapixel camera module with post-focusing capability, which makes the quality of photos as close to professional ones as possible.


Unfortunately, even the highest level of quality cannot prevent malfunctions. That’s why, iPhonerepair is one of the most demanded services in the technical services market.


Undoubtedly, professional engineers at Apple have tried to implement the latest technology, creating a modern device, but the basic list of problems remains about the same.


For example, the gadget is still not immune to accidental drops, mechanical impact, or liquid getting inside the housing. If the gadget falls on a hard surface – asphalt or tile – then this is fraught with extremely negative consequences like cracked glass and damaged display.

iPhone 7 Plus Glass Replacement

The large diagonal of the iPhone 7 Plus significantly increased the comfort of use – convenient surfing in the browser, watching videos, chatting in instant messengers, but at the same time increased the risk of damage. It is not always convenient to hold the phone and, as a result, the device falls on the tile and cracks and chips appear on the glass.

iPhone 7 Plus Display Replacement (LCD)

If the iPhone 7 Plus display stops showing an image, there are problems with the sensor, black spots or stripes appear on the screen – this indicates that the entire display module assembly needs to be replaced. Replacing the display we guarantee the safety of all functions – Touch ID, Apple Pay, auto brightness, 3D Touch.

iPhone 7 Plus Repair after Liquid Damage

No matter how much we talk about the waterproofing of the iPhone 7 Plus, we strongly advise against immersing the gadget in liquid. This is fraught with flooding and failure of logic board components. Repair after water in Arizona iPad Repair SC follows the following algorithm:


  • opening the device and turning off the battery power;
  • removing liquid from the display, battery, connectors and loops;
  • removing the logic board and cleaning in an ultrasonic bath;
  • diagnostics of the board under a microscope and search for damaged components;
  • recovery of the logic board;
  • device restart and diagnostics.

iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement

The battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus is designed for 600-800 charge cycles. In practice, this is enough for 1-1.5 years, after which the residual capacity is significantly reduced and the battery begins to “melt before our eyes”, the device restarts at low temperatures or turns off when the charge reaches 20-30%.

Why Arizona iPad Repair?

It is very difficult to imagine a full-fledged modern life without a functional mobile gadget. Using the phone, the user can accidentally scratch or drop the phone. A careful attitude significantly extends the period of operation, but still does not guarantee one hundred percent elimination of malfunctions.


Today many companies offer their iPhonerepair services. Why should you trust us?

The main quality that unites our employees is high professionalism.

Important advantages of contacting Arizona iPad Repair are the acceptable cost of the operations performed, strict adherence to confidentiality rules, due to which the personal data on smartphones remains private.

We quickly and efficiently replace glass, display and other important components of a smartphone. Arizona iPad Repair has the availability of modern equipment and premium components. We are waiting for you!