iPhone 7 Repair

The iPhone 7 comes in six colors: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Matte Black, Gloss Black, and Red.


The presence of 3D Touch technology facilitates the execution of actions with a minimum number of clicks. The 7 megapixel camera with advanced Quad Full HD technology captures high definition video even in low light.


The powerful A10 processor allows you to launch applications even faster, and thanks to the improved autonomy, the smartphone can last significantly longer on a single charge.


iPhone 7 has a comfortable and functional 4.7-inch screen and is capable of capturing high-quality video in slow motion and fast motion. The device lacks a 3.5mm jack, now the headphones are equipped with a Lightning connector.


The device has a sturdy metal case and a high-quality IPS display. But all these advantages cease to please in case of serious damage to the device.

Service Price
Glass replacement $75
Display LCD replacement $75
Battery replacement $50
Charging port repair $60
Vibrator motor replacement $60
Earpiece repair $60
Microphone repair $60
Speaker repair $60
Home button repair $60
Volume button repair $60
WiFi repair $60
Front camera replacement $70
Rear camera replacement $70
Replacement of the housing $100
Diagnostics $40

SC Arizona iPad Repair has extensive practical experience in the field of professional Apple repair. Urgent replacement of broken glass, installation of a new battery, express cleaning after water ingress, replacement of the charging connector – this is a small list of services that we provide in our workshop.

What to replace, glass or display?

iPhone 7 Display Replacement

We often hear a question from customers with a broken display module on iPhone 7: “Why change the entire screen if only glass is cracked and everything works?”


Display “seven” is a single piece, which consists of glass, sensor, front polarizing layer, matrix, rear polarizing layer, backlight and frame. All these components are glued and soldered at the factory, which makes glass replacement difficult even for an experienced engineer and professional equipment: pressure chamber, separator, laminator, dust-free room and high-quality consumables.


The most important thing, of course, is the engineer, whose experience reduces the risks associated with the repair of the device and the further operation of the gadget to zero. Replacing glass on an iPhoneis the most demanded service and can significantly reduce the cost of repairs without losing quality. We are equipped with the necessary equipment and spare parts for urgent repairs.

iPhone 7 Replacing the Battery

iPhone 7 battery replacement may be required when reaching 500-700 charge cycles. Portable and car chargers significantly accelerate wear and tear. It is also undesirable to use charging power supplies with a rating higher than 1A. If, nevertheless, the battery began to quickly discharge, turns off at low ambient temperatures or heats up significantly, then it’s time to contact the Arizona iPad Repair for competent diagnostics and repair.

iPhone 7 Cleaning / Prevention after Liquid Spills

The iPhone of the seventh generation, like previous generations, is no less susceptible to water and failure. The manufacturer claims that the device has a waterproof rating that complies with the IP67 index. In practice, the number of calls to the Arizona iPad Repair from the iPhone 7 users after water ingress has not decreased. Do not forget that Apple does not cover overheated devices with a warranty.


If, nevertheless, your smartphone was exposed to water, we recommend that you do not try to fix the problem yourself: dry with a hairdryer, or try to connect to a charger. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of a successful repair and will increase the cost of repairs. Try to contact the Arizona iPad Repair SC as soon as possible.

Benefits of Contacting Arizona iPad Repair

Arizona iPad Repair is specialized in urgent repairs for iPhones and the entire Apple line.

The Arizona iPad Repair team is confident in the quality of their work.


We love apple technology, so you can be sure that your gadget will be refurbished at the highest level.