iPhone 8 Plus Repair


iPhone 8 Plus is a premium gadget from Apple that features excellent performance and high efficiency. The device is equipped with a 5.8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, as well as a powerful 4-core processor.


Among the significant advantages of the model, we can confidently single out the following:


  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • double horizontal camera;
  • virtual Home key with built-in Touch ID fingerprint;
  • the processor of the device is based on the Apple A11 platform;
  • the resolution of the front camera is 7 MP, the main camera is 12 MP with their additional LED flash.

iPhone 8 Plus is a device that boggles the mind with its wide functionality and attractive design, but, unfortunately, it is not immune to serious malfunctions associated with various reasons.

Service Price
Glass replacement $80
Rear glass replacement $80
Battery replacement $50
Charging port repair $70
Vibrator motor replacement $70
Earpiece repair $70
Microphone repair $70
Speaker repair $70
Volume button repair $70
WiFi repair $70
Front camera replacement $70
Rear camera replacement $70
Replacement of the housing $130
Diagnostics $40

The main reasons for the failure of the iPhone 8 Plus:


  • the negative influence of moisture that gets inside the device. This leads to disruption of the operation of important elements of the smartphone, including microcircuits and battery;
  • the smartphone is dropped on a hard surface, as a result cracks appear on the display or the screen is shattered;
  • the use of cheap chargers that lead to the failure of the U2 microcircuit (charge controller).

iPhone 8 Plus Replacing the Display Module

The presence of high-quality parts in Arizona iPad Repair workshop allows you to quickly replace the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus, the average repair time is 30-40 minutes and includes a display program to preserve the native True Tone function. We also offer the restoration of the hermetically sealed glue, which prevents moisture and dust from getting inside the case. The adhesive is applied between the display and the case and also eliminates backlash.

iPhone 8 Plus Glass Replacement

Arizona iPad Repair specialists promptly and competently carry out iPhone 8 Plus repairs: replacing glass on an iPhonehas an important place among our services.


Display repair – glass replacement is carried out using OCA film and allows you to preserve the original matrix (LCD), color rendition, sensor response and Touch ID.

Restoring iPhone 8 plus after Water Damage

Despite the manufacturer’s declared resistance to moisture, iPhoneis not immune to water. iPhone’s tightness is not constant and loses its water resistance over time. To test fate or not is up to you.

Why contact Arizona iPad Repair?

We perform high quality iPhonerestoration in a short time, accurately and professionally restoring all the elements, we are open to any question and are happy to help you.