Repair iPhone SE 2 in Arizona

iPhone SE 2 has a classic design and looks similar to iPhone 8. The device has a powerful A13 Bionic processor, Retina HD display with a diagonal of 4.7 “, Touch ID fingerprint scanner. iPhone SE 2 is available in 3 colors – black, white and red. The battery capacity remains the same as in the iPhone 8 – 1821 mAh.


Possessing a high-quality standard, modern functions and powerful components, the smartphone is not without problems, the problems of the past models remain.

Service Price
Glass replacement $80
Back glass replacement $80
Battery replacement $50
Charging port repair $70
Volume button repair $70
Vibrator motor replacement $70
Earpiece repair $70
Microphone repair $70
Speaker repair $70
Volume button repair $70
Home button repair $70
WiFi repair $70
Front camera replacement $90
Rear camera replacement $90
Replacement of the housing $130
Diagnostics $40

iPhone SE 2 Repair Peculiarities

iPhone SE 2 Glass Replacement

Manufactured using original technologies on OCA film, high-quality parts and consumables. The display of this model is made using IPS technology and consists of the following layers:


  • display glass;
  • display frame;
  • front polarizing layer;
  • LCD matrix on which the sensor is located;
  • rear polarizing layer;
  • display backlight.


Replacing the glass on the iPhone SE 2 2020 is the same as with the iPhone 8. Repairing the display requires a molybdenum string, a vacuum separator, adhesive remover, a laminator, and a pressure chamber.


Qualified iPhone repairs are performed only by an experienced engineer using professional equipment. Arizona iPad Repair offers to restore the smartphone’s functionality as soon as possible.

iPhone SE 2 Display Replacement

If the display is blank or stripes appear, the iPhone SE 2 display needs to be replaced. We have premium high-quality displays. When replacing the module, True Tone and factory tightness are preserved, each part, screw and protection is installed in its place.

Common iPhone SE 2020 problems:

Unfortunately, a lithium-ion battery can deteriorate over time. The first sign is a significant reduction of working hours. It is possible that the smartphone will start to overheat or even turn off.

If these signs appear, we also recommend checking the battery status in the settings. After 500 charging cycles, the battery will have approximately 80% of its original capacity. Therefore, you should visit a service center as soon as possible to replace the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery.

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