iPhone SE Repair

Qualified Arizona iPad Repair technicians perform high-quality repair of Apple equipment. Quite often, users contact us about restoring broken and malfunctioning devices.

We offer competent iPhone service at a competitive price within an optimal time frame.


Common iPhone SE breakdowns:


  • Cracked glass;
  • delayed sensor response;
  • fast battery discharge;
  • Moisture inside the housing;
  • failure of the lock button (Power);
  • damaged Home button and Touch ID.
Service Price
Glass replacement $50
LCD screen replacement $50
Battery replacement $40
Audio jack repair Call for Price
Charging port repair $40
Vibrator motor replacement Call for Price
Earpiece repair $40
Microphone repair $40
Speaker repair $40
Home button repair $40
Volume button repair Call for Price
WiFi repair Call for Price
Front camera replacement $40
Rear camera replacement $40
Replacement of the housing $90
Diagnostics $40

iPhone SE Screen Replacement

The smartphone’s display is 4 inches and is made using IPS technology, the type of matrix has passed the test of time and has proven itself well. The iPhone SE glass is replaced with OCA film, which preserves original color, sensor performance and viewing angles. The popularity of this service is also due to its affordable price compared to replacing the entire display (LCD).

iPhone SE Liquid Damage

The classic situation is when the phone goes into the washing machine along with the clothes or plunges into the pool in your pocket. What is the main thing not to do in such cases? Do not panic! The biggest damage to a wet iPhonecomes from home repair attempts. Do not try to dry the battery with hairdryer, rice, or plug in the device.


When the phone is heated, it is necessary to carefully open and disconnect the battery power, then remove the damaged parts, and clean the logic board using ultrasonic cleaner.

How do you know if a battery needs to be replaced?

An equally popular reason for contacting Arizona iPad Repairis ​​fast battery drain. Typically, the battery loses its capacity closer to 600-800 charge cycles. Signs that the iPhone SE battery needs replacement:


  • low battery shutdown;
  • fast discharge;
  • freezing when reaching 30% charge and below;
  • heating battery.

We will install the new battery and test the smartphone on the block to rule out other problems – a malfunction of the U2 charge controller and the U7 power controller.


We offer quality, honest and loyal Apple service at affordable prices.