iPhone XS Max Repair

iPhone XS Max is a 2018 model that was unveiled alongside the iPhone XS. OLED display increased to 6.5 inches – the largest diagonal of Apple smartphones in 2018.


Service Price
Glass replacement $120
Rear glass replacement $100
Battery replacement $60
Charging port repair $90
Vibrator motor replacement Call for price
Earpiece repair $60
Microphone repair $90
Speaker repair $90
Volume button repair $70
WiFi repair $70
Front camera replacement $60
Rear camera replacement $120
Replacement of the housing $190
Diagnostics $40


  • OLED display, diagonal 6.5 inches;
  • A12 Bionic processor;
  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • Li-ion battery, 3174 mAh;
  • main camera 12 megapixels, front 7 megapixels.

Durable glass and sturdy steel frame of the case certainly raise the device to a new design level. And the eight-core A12 Bionic processor opens up new possibilities for the most resource-intensive programs, applications, games. With minimal energy consumption, the device now copes several times faster with all assigned tasks, of any complexity and large volumes of workloads.

And one more feature of the new iPhone XS Max is the rear camera. Now you can take amazing pictures even in motion, shoot amazing videos, regardless of the surrounding light․

But even such an advanced device as the iPhone XS Max may need repair and cannot do without professional help. IPhone XS Max is repaired at Arizona iPad Repair service center. The most demanded services like replacing a screen, glass or restoring an iPhone after moisture gets inside are carried out on the spot and in the shortest possible time.

iPhoneXS Max Glass Replacement

The iPhone display is most susceptible to shattering when dropped on hard surfaces. The popularity of this service lies in the ability to save on repairs and not change the display module. This saves  60-80% of the repair cost. Our engineers with more than 5 years of experience, provide the service with the highest quality.

iPhoneXS Max Replacing the Touchscreen

Under the glass of the iPhone 11 is a layer of sensor that can be damaged if severely cracked. Lateral breaks of the display are dangerous, in which the protective glass layer is exposed. If, after a fall, the sensor begins to not correctly process touches, a part of the screen does not respond, or the sensor has completely lost its performance, then our masters can restore the full performance of the iPhone 11 by replacing the touchscreen. The repair procedure is completely identical to replacing glass, only when gluing the screen, glass with a sensor is used. The cost of such a service is 50-60% more profitable than replacing the LCD assembly.

iPhoneXS Max Replacing the Display Module

If after a fall you have black spots, stripes or the matrix has stopped displaying an image, then replacing the display module on the iPhone 11 will restore full operatibility. When repairing, we use premium spare parts; the price also includes the True Tone transfer service and restoring the device tightness.

iPhoneXS Max Battery Replacement

iPhoneXS Max Battery Replacement may be needed when the “native” part loses its properties and the effectiveness is significantly reduced. This happens because of using low-quality third-party chargers or when reaching 600 or more charge cycles. For an accurate diagnosis of a malfunction, each device is necessarily tested on the unit and only then a new part is installed. The old part is always returned to the customer.

iPhoneXS Max Housing Glass Replacement

All iPhone models from 2017 have a glass back that can be damaged if dropped. iPhoneXS Max glass replacement technology at Arizona iPad Repair allows you to safely return the device to its original appearance.

iPhoneXS Max Repair after Liquid Spills

The splash protection did not reduce the number of water-damaged iPhoneXS Maxes brought to our workshops. The repair procedure is as follows:

  • disassembly of the device;

  • cleaning the logic board with ultrasound;

  • restoration of damaged components on the board;

  • restoration or replacement of loops and connectors;

  • device launch and diagnostics.

All stages of repair are performed only after agreement with the owner of the iPhone.