iPhone XS Repair

Phone XS is the twelfth-generation flagships of the iPhone, succeeding the iPhoneX. The 5.8-inch screen is made using OLED technology. True Tone has been enhanced with several enhancements to keep colors looking great in all lighting conditions. The most popular feature, Face ID, has undergone changes, and the response speed has been significantly improved.


The new model is equipped with a dual 12-megapixel camera with image stabilization and 2x optical zoom. In addition, Smart HDR camera feature on the XS combines multiple photos of varying exposures to increase dynamic range on the iPhones’ photos, but can also lead to less pronounced facial imperfections and decreased highlights in selfies. This is a small surprise for those who like to take selfies.


iPhoneXS is the first smartphone to be equipped with an 8-core energy-efficient processor. Now games and programs will run even faster, the smartphone will work on a single battery charge even longer.


And yet, even despite the almost achieved perfection of this model, there are still vulnerabilities. And it may take a professional iPhoneXS repair to fix the problem.

Service Price
Glass replacement $120
Rear glass replacement $100
Battery replacement $60
Charging port repair $90
Vibrator motor replacement $70
Earpiece repair $70
Microphone repair $90
Speaker repair $90
Volume button repair $70
WiFi repair $70
Front camera replacement $120
Rear camera replacement $120
Replacement of the housing $190
Diagnostics $40

iPhoneXS Glass Replacement

Falling from a height or hitting the smartphone with a heavy object will result in severe mechanical damage. And here you may need to replace the glass on the iPhone. The replacement procedure is carried out on professional equipment by competent engineers with more than 5 years of experience. The work is carried out as per original technology with OCA film, which allows you to preserve the original color rendition and brightness of the module display.


To prevent problems with your iPhone, we recommend using full-size protective glasses and premium cases.


The design of the iPhoneXS display allows you to replace the touch glass without replacing the entire display. In what cases it may be necessary to replace the touchscreen:


  • part of the display does not respond to touch;
  • the display has completely stopped responding to touch;
  • spontaneous sensor activation.

iPhoneXS Replacing the Display Module

Replacing the display module means replacing the entire front panel – glass, frame and matrix. At Arizona iPad Repair we offer only high-quality displays for which a warranty up to 12 months is issued.


When is it necessary to replace the display module:

  • green or white vertical stripes;
  • when black spots appear;
  • no image/ black display;
  • the device does not start and, when reflashing, iTunes gives error 4013.

After repair, the device is tested and re-diagnosed. We preserve the True Tone function, we also restore the hermetically sealed glue, which prevents dust and moisture from entering the device, and ensure proper adherence of the display to the case – without backlash and gaps.

iPhoneXS Repair after Liquid Spills

Apple’s assurances that the iPhoneXS will be water-resistant are designed for beautiful marketing. As a rule, the first “dives” can take place without serious consequences. But moisture protection is not constant and under the influence of various factors and time, the smartphone loses its resistance to water.


iPhoneXS repair after water damage is performed by the following steps:


  • the device is disassembled;
  • the logic board is removed and placed in an ultrasonic bath;
  • in parallel, the internal parts of the case are cleaned – loops, batteries, display;
  • in case of critical moisture, wiring of the logic board is required;
  • the device is started and tested.

We do not recommend using a wet device or connecting to a charger – this will decrease the chance of a successful repair or increase its cost.

iPhoneXS Rear Camera and Camera Glass Replacement

Hard falls can lead not only to a broken “face” of iPhoneXS, but also harm the back of the smartphone – the camera and camera glass. During the repair, we use original parts that allow us to preserve the factory quality of photographs and videos.

iPhoneXS Voice Speaker, Low Volume

If the audibility during a conversation has deteriorated sharply, then the problem can be eliminated by replacing the voice speaker mesh. The matter lies in the structure of the front panel – the grid is at the same level as the display glass and is not protected from dust, water and small particles that block air from the voice speaker.


In rare cases, it is necessary to replace the voice speaker, but this is more due to past “feats” – moisture or physical influences.

Advantages of Repair at Arizona iPad Repair

Detailed diagnostics and elimination of various breakdowns of the new iPhoneare carried out by our engineers. Contacting Arizona iPad Repair is ​​a guarantee of high-quality services. We are fully responsible for the repairs performed, maintaining the full functionality of the gadget (including Face ID, proximity sensor, auto brightness, True Tone functions), data privacy and the state of not only the device externally, but also internally.